How to get 100% Legal Free Movie for Amazon Stick or Android TV Box with Vudu 2020

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We’ll share a completely true, legal tutorial about how to get 100% free movie for Amazon Stick or Android TV Box today.

So this program is called Vudu, it started as great service. If you bought a DVD like this it would come with a code inside the DVD and you would put that code into your system. Whether it’s a computer, a smart TV, something like that, and you’d be able to watch the content that you purchased to be able to download. It brings it with you on planes whatever you want to do.

Vudu is built into a lot of Android boxes. So if you’re an Android user, you probably already have this but don’t even know about it. If you’re on a 4k firestick now, Vudu works on the TV, also the cube, it works on any of the sticks.

ATTENTION: Vudu is a US-based streaming app and ONLY works in the US unless you use a VPN and change your location to the US. We have videos on how to get a good VPN. This is one of the many reasons we use a VPN on a daily basis. It unlocks a whole world of content. If you are having issues registering, or using it… it’s likely because you are outside the US and don’t have a good VPN. Some VPNs do not work with these types of programs.

How can you use it?

Firstly, get a third-party app store that called aptoide TV, apps gonna look like it’s the Vudu symbol. If you are familiar with when you first open it up you have to log in to your account, you can get a free account for the first time. You don’t have to buy anything.  there’s no secret cost to you.

Go to the left column and hit free, now you’re gonna see all the free content, movies, TV shows, and then specific genres free with ads as you can see right there, so let’s just click on movies. 

Go to the movie section and you can see all of these movies, there are just thousands and thousands. Then go to the top right, click the filters and you can go to specific genres or years or ratings. If you have children and so forth I like to go buy tomato meat. I like to change it to fresh only. But you might have different tastes than me so you can set it up however you want. 

These movies are completely free when you first launch, it’ll have a little add about 30 seconds or so, not very long and then it just starts the movie. It’s an HD every time you don’t have to worry about camcorder versions, or the low-quality streams. 

Now these are going to be all DVD based releases all the ones on Vudu’s platform so it’s not gonna be the ones in the movie theater right now. It’s not gonna be that so don’t hope for that, that’s gonna probably be a camcorder version and have to be on a kind of a bootleg site. So this one would possibly be an official release legal stream for anybody in any country.

It might be legal to stream anything in the United States but not every country has those rules. This is completely legal for any country. Need a VPN? Get the best here 👉

If you have a completely new, make sure that you unlock it some people refer to it as jailbreaking. Go to your settings section which is at the top of your screen, click “my fire TV”.

Then it will pop up a box asking your confirmation. Just note it would be able to do it after you’ve downloaded these programs. 

Just get a downloader program, here we skip the steps. When you finish installing the downloader, go ahead and double click to run the downloader.

There are not very many ways to get this program Vudu on your firestick, just go ahead and do the installation right across the bottom if you are using a cue.

If you’re using a cube, neither the fire stick, nor the fire TV, nor the 4k stick, you do have to go back into your settings ->developer options -> open up the program.

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