How to get BEST and FASTEST BUILD on KODI 18.3 2019

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How To Install Kodi 18.3 on Android TV Boxes and install latest Kodi Build? Latest Leelbox TV Box Android 8.1 version is very popular streaming media players. they are very easy to use and inexpensive. You have a choice of several models. The newest MXQ pro max s, Q4 Max 8.1, Q4 s 8.1 have more powerful CPU and GPU chips that stream a lot better than the original devices. More RAM allows large Kodi Builds to work properly. You can install the latest version of Kodi on the TV Box to stream movies, TV shows, Live sports and more. However, the setup process can be a bit challenging. Here is the easiest way to install Kodi on your Android TV box.

Power on your Android box, click on the gear, then go scroll down to the system.


Go ahead to click the Add-ons, you will see the Unknown sources, click it and “Yes”. Then back out of the screenshot, back one time and go over to the File manager, and click it. Go on to click Edit sources, you will see none in the box.


Then click it and bring out your Keypad, typing the URL:


Then simply move over to OK, and click it, gonna move down to the box right here, you will give it a name as you can remember, just like call it Diggz5 for demonstration, and when done click Ok. You will see the name of the file is there.


Now going to go back out of the screen, mover over to click the package installer right here where it says Add-ons, and click it.


Scroll down to the Install from Zip File, enter it and you will see the file you named Diggz5 is there, so click on it, it’s gonna say Install Repo highlight it and click it, there is a repository Diggz5 4.0, click it.


And there is a Pop-up show you Add-ons installed.


Move up to Install from repository, click it.


Scroll down to Diggz Repository right here, and scroll down to Program Add-ons.


Here you will see The Chef  Leia Wizard, click it and then installed.


And put this in Kodi 18.3, so got a quick dismiss, click continue, then put these on the build menu. simply click it again. You’ll see there is a new Diggz Xenon(v19.6), can install any one of these. I gonna click Diggz Xenon(v19.6).


Scroll down to fresh the install, just move over here to continue to install. Finally, you’ll get a new Xenon(v19.6) on Kodi 18.3.



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