How to get Paid IPTV Services for Free 2019

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Can I get IPTV on my Android TV Box? Absolutely you can make it and today I will show you how to get paid IPTV service for Free. Basically, there is a way to get code and you can actually get it for free, but not here, I just jump the copyright and will show you how to install it.

It will be used on a Fire TV box, the only difference on another type of Android devices is you won’t use downloader just use a browser. Here go to the downloader and open it up, go over here and up into the top corner, hit the Home button bring up to the Euro.


Type the bitly link “http://bitly/MTHv5ip1”, here is the Euro now, that could bring you to the APK download location, if the Euro change because an update comes out. Just follow our update.  How-to-get-Paid-IPTV-services-for-free

Let’s go ahead and hit go. it takes us over to Mediafire.


If you get a pop-up that blocks your screen, I get it about half a time, just hit the back button on your remote, this time the pop-up did not come out. So go ahead to hit download. When it finishes, just click to install.


We suggest with running IPTV always use darnit, this links to always blur out. Now just go ahead and hit open, so you can just kind of see the interface that you’re gonna to be greeted with but not going to put the username. So this will be what you get and this is where we are going to get a username and password.


Then go ahead and hit the Home button on the remote to get out of here and gonna go over to Downloader and go over to the second link of where we’re going to actually get the codes from. If you get this screen you can go ahead and just delete that file you no longer need that APK that was installed. It just takes up space in your memory.



Now, hit the home button again and change the link, here http://bitly/MTHv5codes1 is the webpage that’s got the codes. But notice the webpage may change quickly because so many people take it and it is unlimited. So it will change very soon, just check out this YouTube video to get a new one.


Nevertheless, if you are looking to try one of the many free IPTV services then I would recommend giving this one a look. It is not perfect, none of the Free ones are, but then again…it is Free so what can you expect.

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