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People looking for the answer to their various Android TV Boxes questions, we trying to find out something that does help to you guys. Check out the below Q&A.

Q: How do I get sound from headphones, not laptop speakers?

I got Wireless Headphones and a Bluetooth adaptor for my laptop. They are paired and connected. I can’t get the headphones to show in the Speaker drop-down menu. IDEAS??

A: To work around this behavior, set the Bluetooth audio device as the default audio device in Windows Vista. To do this, follow these steps:
Click StartSmart button, and then click Control Panel.
In Control Panel, click Hardware and Sound.
Under Sound, click Manage audio devices.
In the Soundbox, click the Playback tab, select the Bluetooth device, click Set Default, and then click OK.
Restart all the multimedia programs that are currently running.

Q: What’s working for watching movies right now?

A: Using standalone applications are much better than Kodi. Cyberlix, Morph, Tea TV.


Q: Android TV Box, Leelbox Android 8.1 4GB RAM/32GB ROM RK3328 Quad-Core Media Box Support 2.4GHz WiFi 64 bits H.265 BT 4.1, USB 3.0[MXQ PRO max S]

Everything seems to have set up properly, connected RD no problem. Watched a movie on it and everything worked fine. Problems seem to arise when they attempt to watch tv
Shows. The audio to the soundbar cuts in and out but audio to the tv plays fine. I’ve tried connecting the soundbar directly to the optical sound port of the box and tried a Bluetooth connection and both have the same results. Audio will play and then cut out but if you turn the volume up on the tv you can hear it perfectly fine. The tv itself does not have a digital optical port, so I can’t try that setup. I thought it was a bad source but tried several ones, all the same. If you reload the source and play it again. It starts cutting out at different spots. I’ve tried different players, I’ve tried Kodi, I’ve tried Cyberflix nothing changes.

I’m starting to think it’s a setting in the actual android box. Just don’t know what to look for. Everything appears to be correct and the sound bar works correctly.


A: Try turning it off on tv. Have seen numerous posts about conflicts caused by cec especially Samsungs. I turned it off on my Samsung but it works well on my LG. To see if you have cec on your tv if no then cross that off the list of things tried.

Q: Specific errors in Kodi

A: Check the log?:
Check the log means the app had an error and wrote something​ to a log file. The log file is for the developer to diagnose the issue and fix it. So say for example the Made in Canada add-on had an error and wrote it to the log file. If Chad was willing to work with you to fix it, you could send him the log file and it may help him.
In reality, it’s mostly useless as most devs of these add-ons are not willing to work with you one on one to fix these issues.
There is a log viewer in some of the maintenance add-ons. Not sure if it will give you any useful info.

No stream found:
Not everything listed actually has a valid stream!
Sometimes it’s not your end at all. It might just be the feed is bad or there really isn’t a feed. See the write-up here:
(disregard the last bit about doing a reinstall)


Q: General troubleshooting steps – assuming an Android box

A: Reboot the box.
If you have a keyboard: function (lower left) and enter.
If you have an older version of Android (below 5) you will want to do this every few days at least to clear out the box memory (non-permanent storage). Give it time to fully boot before you launch Kodi. At least 3 minutes.

Make sure the date and time are correct on the box.
From the main screen (right after reboot) go into settings, then date/time. The boxes have a tendency to lose the date/time and it causes all kinds of issues
Make sure you check off the box to automatically update, that will help stop the issue
If it persists, download “Clocksync” from Google Play.


Make sure you’re online.
From the main screen (the one that you get right after reboot) go into the browser. If it doesn’t work the device is likely not online. To check go into the settings. Since there are so many boxes it’s hard to give exact steps. I would recommend if you can you set up the box with a hard wired (Ethernet) connection.

Refresh Kodi and a reminder to make sure Kodi is restarted correctly:
Please read all steps before doing this one!


Close out of Kodi, go into the settings of your box, then apps. Find Kodi. Force stop it. Clear cache (important: do NOT clear data! That will reset Kodi! )
Make sure you always exit Kodi via the power button in Kodi. Wait for it to close, don’t just reboot your box/device.
Shutting down Kodi correctly is like turning off your computer. You don’t just pull the plug on it – you shut down programs (apps) and then shut down the operating system (Kodi) It needs to do some cleanup to make sure files don’t get corrupted and cause problems. Remember that your box is basically a mini computer.

General details and troubleshooting:
Some good general details and troubleshooting for a variety of issues here (although I’m not a fan of the tone in this post):

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  1. Hello,

    What can i do to solve problem below with Leelbox k2 ?

    The display pauses for one or two seconds and then resumes. This happens for all kinds of use of the box (video playback, internet searches, use of KODI, …).
    I restarted the box and also the samsung TV but the problem persists.

    The box is up to date from the latest version of android.
    The Samsung TV is up to date from the latest version firmware.

    Thank you for your help

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