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Leelbox Latest Android TV Box 2019 (1)

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Someone said, Leelbox gone and never back! Its TV Box no longer as an expectation as people. But something always upside down, Leelbox released its upgrade Q4 MAX Android TV Box 8.1, with 4GB RAM+64GB ROM, yet $69.99, a cheaper price than many TV Boxes on the market. I assume that almost everyone hunting a family streamer media player is mainly interested in one thing only: does Kodi work well on this cheap little box? The answer is yes, it works fine. So, if you are looking for something cheap that will let you watch Kodi on your big screen t.v. easily, then search no further. This thing will do it.

To be honest, we try to improve the specification to make it worth its great mouth of the word, compare those old versions, it does and it should have some improvement. We should still recognize its shortage, some issues cannot be ignored, yet they still solvable. Some people complained that they can’t get anything to stabilize it buffers forever, Yet they may not choose English and United States. This could not be a  problem if you try to google or learn from some Android TV Box tips. Many resolutions are there and your question can be solved.

The other hassle was that Amazon Prime Video required significant work to get running. Some people have to call Amazon support to get Prime movies running. You have to download and install the application manually… for some reason, Amazon has not been able to get their movie app installed in google play with everyone else’s apps. That needs to be remedied by Amazon immediately. It is somewhat cumbersome to navigate because of the remote and the dual modes ( I think most of these boxes are like this… not just this one).

The other issue is program crashes. one of our users said he had several crashes of android. But when we suggest he trying to use the clear memory app which on the main screen, clear your memory after running every major app. That has significantly reduced problems and it is now good enough to keep.

Those problems that still exist cannot be ignored, yet can be solved quickly and easily. Obviously, there are more excellent improvements.

Leelbox Q4 MAX comes with a YouTube app pre-installed, and most of the time it works great. You have to give it a while to come on and get ready before you start searching for videos, so just be patient with it and works fine. It works so much better than the YouTube app I downloaded from Google Play, so don’t bother trying to download the app from google play. The pre-installed one is better on this cheap little box. It also comes with a web browser that uses Google search that works fine once it has a little time to get ready for use, just like the YouTube app. Just be patient with it and it will start working.

Professional H.265 video decoding technology and WIFI 2.4GHZ, offering a more stable WIFI signal to enjoy a higher quality video experience. Pairs 4K Ultra HD picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of High Dynamic Range (HDR) for the most lifelike picture. Leelbox Q4 MAX works with your 4K HDR Ultra HD TV perfectly.

Leelbox Universal remote control, many people think 360° press the remote highly valuable, no need to press the button of remote control face toward the tv box.wearing out your thumb clicking all over the place. But hey, if your training for the thumb wrestling state championships, by all means, keep doing it that way. I’m pretty shocked that all these boxes haven’t gone to a keyboard yet. The regular remote works great but having a full qwerty mini (and now voice control) is the best!

Skip of some small questions above, everything went perfectly and was able to set up everything fairly quickly. Base on the price, it can be a great gift for Xmas.

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