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Leelbox latest Android TV Boxes 2018(2)

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When you go through Leelbox on Amazon, you will find there is already upcoming the Q4 version. Luckily, Leelbox always follow its steps to upgrade their configuration, Leelbox Android tv box Q4 S comes with Multifunction and Latest Android 8.1 OS, Q4 S Android 8.1 OS TV Box updated from Android 7.1, the latest RK3328 Quad-Core Cortex-A53 CPU with Mali-450 MP2 GPU, which make sure the box running stable and smooth to load movies, pictures and games without buffer, no need to wait for a wonderful moment.

Honestly, I was a little skeptical in purchasing an android tv box, especially one this inexpensive. I mainly purchased thus this box to use Kodi in order to watch movies and TV shows. I actually downloaded Kodi on my laptop and had it streaming through HDMI on my big screen but I started to get tired of not having a remote control. After receiving this item, I was completely surprised by the quality after first turning it on. It had everything I was looking for (including the remote) and it was a very easy setup. Actually, I didn’t have to set it up at all it was just plug and play.

Since last year, many Apps requested an update and update again, or you can not use them. So there is why so many people want to upgrade their boxes android version, many streaming media request a high configuration to play movies, TV Show. And Android 8.1 raises the bar in performance and usability with a slick lag-free interface, more stable.

None would pay for a low Running memory tv box, the box needs more space to run those apps. Q4 S Android 8.1 OS TV Box comes with upgraded 4GB/ 32GB high-speed flash memory which makes Q4 S possess the double storage performance. It also supports 4K x 2K up to 60fps. The high machine configuration provides users a better experience of ultra-fast running speed and professional image processing ability. H.265 Hardware decoding can save 50% of bandwidth resources, you can watch movies fluently.

I have never ever thought it will meet my expectation, has a great picture, and is very self-explanatory. I would suggest one of those remotes with the keyboard if you are going to use this a lot, that’s much more helpful than the remote it comes with. The small remote that they give is very easy to lose. Overall I love it, it does exactly what we want it to, and I’d buy another. If you are looking for a high-quality box to utilize apps such as Kodi and others, this is a great purchase. Best of all most of everything you need is preinstalled.

Something needs to be changed, those smart tv boxes should not stay at Bluetooth 2.0, files become larger, time becomes precious, transfer faster would be highly valuable. Q4 S Android 8.1 OS TV Box equipped with USB 3.0, which is 10 times faster than USB 2.0. It can transfer large capacity files at storage rates defined by storage devices, and optimize the machine to reduce energy consumption. And the Bluetooth 4.1 allow you use mini keyboard and headset to enjoy the box.

If you prefer a keypad instead of a remote, Humanized design is additions are also necessary. Q4 S connected through an HDMI cable. Two USB port, one for connecting with your mouse and another for keyboard to help you operate more convenient. Infrared Remote control ensures you enjoy your wonderful life, think about that, I just take one as Christmas Gift for my family.

If there is something I don’t quite satisfied is that certain apps crash now and then which is fine as no one really expects perfection with a budget device. However, when this happens it often pops up asking which launcher to execute. I’m using a custom launcher which I already have set as the default. This doesn’t seem to make a difference. Yet we know sometimes, third-party App will be a huge bug there is less related to Android tv box.

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