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If you were a big fan of these type of Android TV boxes which smarten up your TV allowing it to play or stream media, you will eager to know their new release. As you can never deny these kinds of smart tv boxes bring you colorful life, they run loads of apps just like a tablet.

Leelbox, a professional Android boxes brand has released its latest version, as many people know that Leelbox MXQ Pro, Q2, Q3, M9S Pro used to be the best tv boxes in these past years and they still be. However, let us get rid of the old technology and put an eye on these new arrivals.


Leelbox Q2 android tv box was an excellent media player at a price that can’t be beaten. But today, I will show you Q2 Pro S, the upgrade version based on Q2 tv box. When you get one, you will surprise for the quality, Q2 Pro S comes with Android 8.1 TV system, 2GB of DDR3 Ram and 16GB Storage, allows you more space to download your favorite Apps. The fashion design meets lots of people’s needs, Its high machine configuration gives you ultra-fast running speed and professional image processing ability, you will not regret your choice. Compare with Android 6.0 Q2 box, this Android 8.1 will be a great choice for those steam media fans.

smart-tv-box    kodi-box


Another consideration, Kodi is the main reason most people want an android tv box which this comes pre-installed with Kodi 18, which is a media center that you can watch any movie or tv show you can possibly think of in the easy to use media center. It comes with some of the more popular add-ons installed already, an add-on is simply like an android app, you just click on it and follow the directions or select a movie you want to watch and then you watch it, it’s that simple. If you want to add more add-ons or even a build to Kodi simply go on Youtube and type in Kodi and you will find all the information you could ever want.

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As a media player, this machine had no problem with video playback (even smoothly rendering 4K content in 1080p). It also handled games pretty well, but as expected you’ll see some frames dropped in the most demanding titles (the 16GB of storage might a bit limit this as a gaming machine).


In one of our customers’ opinion, Eric said he had to acknowledge the outstanding and dedicated customer support staff at Leelbox. They clearly care about customer satisfaction with their product, and they want to make sure that they try to make things right for the customer if they are not happy. In his case, he was pleasantly surprised that someone in our customer support reached out to him to see if there was anything that we could have done that would help him to consider purchasing our product once again. It is a great honor for us. Someone just starting out in TV streaming. This feedback from Eric make more people know how dedicated Leelbox is to customer satisfaction, and because they didn’t even have to reach out to us to find out. More new models, check out Leelbox amazon shop.

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