Why you can not watch Amazon Prime?

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Many people have said that Amazon Prime can not be used on their Android TV Box, today I will show you guys how you can get the amazon prime video app on any android devices.

how-to get-amazon-prime-on-android-tv-box

So theses days a lot of people have amazon prime account and one of the advantage to Amazon Prime is they’ve got the service that give you all of the movies and TV shows. Now strangely enough Amazon Prime do not put their prime video app on the Play Store which can be very frustrating for anyone that doesn’t have an Amazon device. So fortunately, there is a way rounded and it is actually nice and simple.

I have seen a lot of videos online and they use a really long method using Amazon underground, but what I’ve done is actually is taken the official Android apk and move it over to my website that make it easy for all of you to download now. Of course, to use Amazon Prime you will need an Amazon Prime account, but I know this is an issue for many people that have android devices in Amazon Prime and can’t use the two together. So first of all I am going to show you it working, it works exactly the same as it does on any Amazon devices.


As you can see here’s the Amazon Prime, you can navigate with a mouse and keyboard, you can use your remote if you’v got a remote. Just simply select what you want. to watch and watch it. I will just show you here if we go into mr.robot, then go through and watch a random espisode of mr.robot. I am sure most of your reviews prime before that you simply press on what you want to watch, and it loads up straight away.


Now just gonna to cancel this due to the content, but it works exactly the same as it would if you ware using an Amazon device such as a fire stick or fire TV. So you can enjoy this on any android devices you like.

How to do this? It’s actually very easy to install the first thing you are gonna need to do is open up a web browser on your device, and heap over to https://www.toptutorials.co.uk/android. Now you will lading the below page.



Scroll down the list under movie and TV shows streaming apps at the bottom of the list. Here you will find Amazon Prime, click it and download the apk, install and you’re good to go it is really simple.


Going to the Amazon Prime apk, open it up press and install, then it will pop up a installed sucessfully. When you try to boot it in the first time, it will ask for you login details. As soon as you put in your detail, you’re free to access anything you’ve purhcased on your Amazon account, and all of the free movies and TV shows.

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