Cool! A new way to use Leelbox!

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Have you ever used terrarium, Android box while staying in a hotel? Somebody may feel this is unbelievable and very amazing! So how do those people think?

In the traditional cognitive, Android tv box is generally used for home streaming, watching movies, TV shows, live TV, listening to music. Build in WiFi and you can stream unlimited. Not need to pay the monthly fee, which is a smart box brings the superior experience of modern people.

couple-roadtrip-on the road

So if I can bring a Leelbox for a trip? Yup, I bring my box or stick anytime we travel, to Vegas, hotels, staying in a motor home or anywhere. You only need a tv, electricity, and WiFi or a hotspot and you are good to go. I’ve used hotel WiFi plenty of times to stream and never had a problem or any trouble. But some people concern that thinking it’s a tv built specifically for hotels. So you have to watch their channels or nothing.  Also, there wasn’t any way to hook up the HDMI to the TV( There weren’t any inputs on the TV at all. Holiday Inn. This could a bit big problem you may get.

road trip

Actually, I use it all the time. But I use my hot spots on my phone to get better internet on the box. It works great that way. So, no longer limit your imagination, the smart box is not a static traditional TV, it does not require a fixed place to support its playback. On the trip, make sure that WiFi at your hotel or hotel is fast, at this time it is alreayd a mobile theater.


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  1. I purchased the M9S last year from Amazon and it was working fine up until last week. Now it keeps shutting down. Nothing new changed from one day to the next. I don’t even have to be in Kodi or any program for it to all of a sudden shut down. Any suggestions very frustrated as the box isn’t even a year old.

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