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Nothing come close once you get this Worldwide IPTV? (2018 March)

Nothing come close once you get this Worldwide IPTV?
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If you are a new to Android tv box, to get those free Add-ons on the Android box must different for you, even to say finding the free file to your tv box and stream. Many Youtubers are upload their videos saying that it is a super video help you work out everything, you try it on your smart box but actually seldom of those repositories works, they already out of date and just repeat what has been told before.

Today I wanna to give the instructions of how to get IPTV on your Kodi box, here is the free guide with working TV Cerebro IPTV. First thing you want to go to this little gear icon or if you have a build, you want to go to File manager. Then now please go ahead to the Add-sources, type in this path in the nun box to get the media resources. (

And down here to to name this file as you want, i just gonna to name it .cerebro and hit OK. Now hit the back button once hit twice.

You should go the little icon again then click on Install from zip file, and if this pop up a Disable, you wanna to go to Setting, and then right here which says unknown sources, go ahead to check that off to allow third-party content to be downloaded and hit Yes.

Hit back button, just click on Install from zip file, here is the file you have named before, hit .cerebro then click on the follow stuff.

Give it a few seconds and you’re gonna to notice that you know it looks like it froze for a seconds but it didn’t. It is just installing the top right hand corner shows you that Add-on installed. Go back to hit the Install from the repository.

Now just go forward to install the add-ons you like, stream the free IPTV channels at any time anywhere.






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