Why my streaming device run so slowly?

clear your cache in the android tv box
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What device do you recommend? Such as Android tv box or IPTV, fire stick. And why? One of my friends currently is using fire TV. He has Spectrum. It’s running so slowly, not sure if it’s internet or fire TV. He had Spectrum come out and have a new modem. So yeah. Not sure why it’s running so slowly. In May, their Direct TV contract will expire, and he is cutting the cord. But need to get faster speed. When he turns to me and asked this question, I think it could be a common situation most people suffer, so I post here, hoping to learn more different voice.

Some people said, maybe spectrum is throttling his bandwidth?. Thinking if he has tried using a VPN while streaming. According to their saying, they suggest runs a speed test on his device with and without the VPN on so he can see the difference in his speed might not be the VPN, check the player he is using make sure it is the latest version, check if background apps are running using up ram this will cause buffing in small ram devices. Watch the sources he is picking the links from some work better than others. Also, they care what player he is using.


Other think it needs more memory support the running. If it’s almost maxed out on storage, you need to delete some apps that you don’t use to free up some storage space. There are also some settings and tweaks you can do to make your fire tv run faster. Try to find some tips online or on YouTube for tips on how to get your fire tv to work faster. There is Facebook user group called terrarium tv end users group, lots of good info there on load SPMC skin to run terrarium tv, works very good for less buffering problems. It’s sometimes quite the process to get terrarium to run well.

clear your cache in the android tv box

But here are something that no one mentioned. Once you get whatever Android tv box you decide to use an ethernet cable directly from your modem to the device. It will give you allot more speed. It seems like common sense, however, some people don’t realize that.

clear your cache in the android tv box

In general, the running memory of these devices is always limited, we can not download and install a lot of plug-ins and hope to run them smoothly and without buffering at the same time. Also, VPN will slow down, but using VPN can expand our plug-in function, my opinion is to avoid too many plug-ins run at the same time, using a well-configured set-top box, can improve the user experience. 

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