Why Kodi repos fail to work?

New Update & Repo-Install Ultimate Whitecream Addon For Kodi 17.6 Krypton||Firestick-2018
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Some people reported that they can’t install some add-ons. In that, you can try 3 workaround solutions: 1. Try to install Kodi 17.6 stable release, because Kodi 17.6 was used for this video 2. Try to install add-ons to fresh Kodi installation. 3. Use a VPN If these do not solve your problem, there should be another problem and I have no idea what is that problem.

But why those Kodi repos often fail to work? 

I do not recommend any addons. I am simply telling you guys that the two addons in your video have not been updated in months, which is why most of the links do not work. Both repos were shut down months ago. Both of these add-ons were updates multiple times every week, then both developers got scared when they received warnings from the MPAA because they had IPTV add-ons in their repos, so because they are pussies they shut their repos down. It is funny to me that the same people that were online bragging about stealing IPTV and making add-ons, were the first to shut their repos down when they got confronted about stealing TV and movies and making add-ons with the content they stole. Oe day a developer is bragging about stealing TV channels and movies and how he will never stop, then the next day they run scared because the owner of that content confronts them. It is highly amusing.

This is one path to get adult movies on Kodi 17.6, but I think it will update in no soon, so every media resources are no longer to stay still. Follow the below method to get adult content in your Android tv box.

Open up your Kodi, then Setting——>File Manager——>Double click on Add source.


Give a name as repo or other easy to find it.

Adult addons for Kodi January 2018

Go back to Kodi Home screen, come to the Add-ons, click it, then select the box icon in the left top corner.


Go to Install from zip file, click on it.


If here pop up a box ask you to turn on the Unknown resources, click on Setting.


Scroll down to select repo.

Adult addons for Kodi January 2018

Go forward and hit on kodil.zip. Then wait for a while, on the top right site will pop up the add-on was installed.

Adult addons for Kodi January 2018

Back one, click on Search.

Adult addons for Kodi January 2018

Enter whitecream, then OK.

Adult addons for Kodi January 2018

Install this add-on.










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