What is the best Android 7.1 tv box (2018, Jan)

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Where to buy and what is the best Android7.1 tv box, are you still remember the old version Android 6.0 Kingbox K3? The designers who created this product have excellent art skills and a unique understanding of electronic devices. In August last year there is someone keep asked Kingbox constantly about when K3 Android7.1 release, we declaimed if that do not reach the best models and operating systems, we would not release the new K3 easily.

Why in the name of Kingbox K3 & why it is the best?

Every number has its own unique meaning. Why we name Kingbox K3? Some people may know that “Three“, it’s rooted stem from the meaning of multiplicity. Creative power; growth. “Three” is a moving forward of energy, overcoming duality, expression, manifestation, and synthesis. Three is the first number to which the meaning “all” was given. It is The Triad, being the number of the whole as it contains the beginning, a middle and an end.


We really appreciate the spirit of Leelbox products and thank those people who care Leelbox creativity idea. Yes, Kingbox is a sister brand of Leelbox, and Kingbox K3 can be the best model of Kingbox series, the name comes from its design inspiration,the angular appearance of it in many android tv boxes stand out. We can see it is a model with a multilateral water chestnut, square three-dimensional design, make it more beautiful. There are bumpy corners behind the box. Not only own the streaming media features, with elegant appearance allows your living room and bedroom more perfect.

Kingbox K3

Not only that, we have integrated the advantages of the Android 6.0 version of K3, abandoned the backward running shortboard, the box upgrade to android 7.1, to create a better user experience. In the past, the uniqueness of the number “Three” should be met. Just as it includes the beginning, the middle, and an end, starting with the concept and technology of Leelbox, then Kingbox came out in the middle and ended of the outdated skills and ideas, K3 Android 7.1 TV Box 2GB Ram 16GB Rom Amlogic S912 Octa-core, as the leader leading Android tv box to the endless.


There is an ancient wisdom that says; ‘Messages or events that come in three’s are worth noticing. ‘Whenever anything is mentioned three times it is a witness to us that these things are of utmost importance.

K3 came into being, not only by coincidence but also the result of engineers studying day and night. You can dispense with the troubling cable bills with the smart tv box. You can enjoy HD streaming, unlimited resources without the need for a fire stick, Google Cast and Miracast no longer needed, modern people using the Android tv box because it lets you see the world, broaden your horizons, no longer limited to one country, your language, customs, culture, and even politics, sports, etc. It is a children’s textbook, is your handheld, is the best viewing device for housewives.


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