Why MX Player?

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Heard from one of our readers, according to her said, ” Can’t figure this out. Google video links are the only ones I can get to work. Open load and Streamango links will play a few seconds then go into never-ending buffering. I am running a Nvidia Shield box with an ethernet cord plugged into the box. Had the same problem with my firestick. Spectrum is my internet provider.”

These are something talking about MX player. The settings make a difference. First, the decoders are SW, HW and HW+. The SW decoder is intended for PC use. It uses the CPU only to play video. If it is a high definition file you need to play the SW decoder may not be efficient using the CPU only. There are chipsets installed by manufacturers on their devices that assist the decoding for video playing. The HW decoder uses these manufacturer chipsets to play video instead of the CPU. MW+ is using MXplayer own chipsets as opposed to the device specific. Not all devices support the HW+ decoder. Some hardware devices need to be configured properly to allow HW+ to work. If not crashes occur. These crashes are related to the device OS. You can check online forums to see if your device is supported. MX player also tries to use a devices audio decoder to play video. If a codec is not supported by the device the video may crash or play without audio. You would then try to change MX settings to not use the devices audio codes by selecting decoder settings to HW+ audio SW video. There are settings that can force the SW decoder codec.


All of this and still things can crash or not play due to the device codec or chipsets of the manufacturer’s device. You often have to look to see what file formats are supported by the device. And then know what file format a linked stream video is. All this is just MX Player. All other decoder systems will have similar issues. This is why if you are streaming and want optimal play you need to know what device you have and it’s capabilities. Then you need to understand the settings and what they do. If you have video crashing, no audio, no picture, buffering problems they are most likely due to your device and the link and whether the player is able to read the video and play it. Obviously, there is no one solution for everyone unless all are using the same versions of same devices with same settings, on same output.


But a 1080p file is more inclined to require a special codec to be read. Complex in only meaning that that extra code might not be supported in the chipset in the device or in the capability of the player to decode and play. That is why custom codecs get set up and could be the difference between why one device that has more manufactured chipsets or the player with the codec to interpret can play certain links better than a marketed device with lesser audio/video capabilities. If you have MX player and are having play issues try changing the decoder between SW, HW, and HW+. If there is no audio, try changing the settings to SW audio. Those are basic MX Player settings. It doesn’t just end with selecting the MX player. Extrapolating from this I would surmise that all other players are similar and probably why the Developer tried Exo and now Yes …to help provide options to some people having issues streaming links. But the problem is, as I said, that there can be no one solution for everyone bc of all the variables.

So what player do you using now?

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