Season 2 of The Crown, now streaming

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Season 1 of The Crown premiere on last year, overwhelming “House of cards”, and won the Golden Globes best drama. Now Season 2 streaming, superior as always. It programs a series that is made up of six seasons, each season spanning ten years, and replaced actress every 20 years.

In the second quarter, queen suffered from marriage betrayal. They stiff, showdown, this marriage can not be sustained. Prince Philip, a wild horse-like man, used to work for the Royal Navy in his early years and got used to it. His wild unruly, also impel the Queen fell in love with him. The queen knew that the royal palace’s wall could not hold him. In the first season, Philippe said life is too boring, then the Queen allows the family island vacation, and he went to 2 years. After that, she disputed those disagreements and let Philippe learn how to fly a plane. In the second quarter, Philip said again too boring and nearly suffocate. Now Queen’s heart mirror-like. “So what would make easy on you?” ” To be in… not out..” “What will it take? “You are asking my price?” “I am asking what it will take.”

Netflix masterpiece

Then Philip helped the Queen share her work and went to Australia to attend the 1956 Olympic Games. But, nominally like this… In fact, a trip to a 5-month luxury yacht trip. And this time, this wild horse can be completely runaway.

Compared to the previous season she was still trembling to learn how to control the crown, look jerky uppercase. The second quarter “crown” is more delicate and abundant feelings. As I said, the queen of the story is more mature, and the acting of actors is more mature. During this season, you see her finding photos of other women in her husband’s bag. She demeans herself, looking for someone who has evidence and asked her not to publish her husband’s scandal.

Great show-The-Crown

That kind of forbearance, that kind of head always with an invisible crown, and must insist on fulfilling the royal mission, which really moving. The “Crown” gets such a reputation, not because it reveals the people’s privacy fantasy. However, it captures the subtle flaws of humanity in the perfect public image. It goes without saying, the Queen understands that she should always ready for self-sacrifice from the first day of succession. As you mourn your father, you also have to pay tribute to the other person, Elizabeth Mountbatten, for she has been replaced by another, Queen Elizabeth. The two Elizabeth clashes often, and the truth is that the kings must win and must win forever. (Letter from Grandmother to Queen Elizabeth)


The real woman will not let the sky fall. She does not cry noisy, does not tear or tear. Instead, choose – to continue working. Netflix masterpiece, about the most powerful woman in the world today.

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