Cut your Cable Bills, Get Free HD TV Channels

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Is it possible cut your cable bills but still get HD channels on you tv set? IPTV still occupies a strong position in the field of streaming media, in order to obtain television programs, users should pay for the monthly subscription. However, still a lot of film resources are available, totally quite limited even you pay for it, some of them no longer want to bear the monthly fee, while still not find a easier and cheaper to meet their needs for local HDTV programming. I guess many guys believe that they need to buy TV boxes which similar to Streaming Media Player to get HD and no buffering TV. However, can’t afford an Android tv box, though sometimes they are lowest to € 21.

How to cut your cable Bills but Get Free HD TV Channels

Of course, people can stream live content on terrarium tv, with their with Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services letting consumers stream their favorite shows, but it should be subscribed. Thinking about cutting the cable cord? Yes, A digital TV antenna allows you to watch local TV stations for free, all without paying a dime to a cable provider. You can get free off-air high-definition broadcast channels by using an indoor antenna. Consumer Reports said a solution may be a digital TV antenna and a one-time cost of $10 to $80.


At that before, most people might assume that cable is the only way to stream TV, but that’s obviously not the case. You might be vaguely aware that broadcast television exists, and that you can use an antenna to receive it, but don’t really know how it works. Most people don’t realize that you can get full HD, high-quality digital TV channels over the air completely free, just with a regular TV antenna.


There is impossible if you said could not get the local channels, something must be given a wrong treatment. To be able to get decent reception, you have to consider how far you are from the broadcast tower and also the geography of where you live, whether there are obstructions like mountains, hills, trees and those kinds of things that could interfere with your signal.


Tips about How To Use Your TV Antenna

a. At first, check to make sure you have correctly connected the antenna to your HDTV or third-party HD receiver

b. Second, re-scan for the channels. In the TV’s set up menu, set the mode to antenna or air. Refer to the Antenna TV manual for detailed instructions

c. Reposition the antenna in a different location, facing the direction of the broadcast towers is usually the best. Channels reception depends on what’s being broadcast towers in your area, how far away you are from towers, and your surroundings. You’d better try to put your tv indoor antenna on the higher location, like on the wall, better close to or on the window, and no obstacles between your home to Broadcast Towers. And turn around the antenna leaf to find the best reception direction, sometimes a few feet can make a big difference.

Easy installation:

Step 1: Place the HDTV antenna in an area with good reception.

Step 2: Connect the antenna directly to HDTVs with HD tuners or through a set-top box for TVs without HD tuners.

Step 3: Scan for channels and access all your favorite local and national programs completely for free.

The $24.99 Android tv box I have:

If you interested in Indoor antenna, there is one lowest to $9.99:

More choices:


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