How do you think about Kodi updated?

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Recently released a post that said “Keep Kodi and the installed add-ons updated”, this may be the seven updates in one year. No doubt that Kodi latest version 17.6 update will make it lose the confidence of most users, bad reviews will flock. However, most of them are still irrational, and we should correctly understand the impact of the Kodi update and the origin of the irrational voices.

Are you hiss when every time it asks you to update Kodi in order to prevent the risk or other problem. Some people complain that they hate pulling Kodi down, but really it has taken a turn for the worst in the last couple of updates.

I guess all agree with the first rule of technology it should keep it simple for the consumer. The addons update themselves automatically then so should Kodi itself. There are more niggling problems with it now than ever. People feel frustrating, they just want tech that WORKS. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel! Surely 1 or 2 updates are enough? Maybe the software isn’t ready to be released at all in the first place? And then a new version is released and the whole process starts again. It should be really tiresome. More hassle than it’s worth. People spent more time doing updates than they have used the thing. Even someone said he’s given up on Kodi. It’s a complete waste of time. You have to change the video add-on constantly to keep it working. But actually, that’s because the video adds on you’re using are pulling content from sources getting closed down on account they are illegal. Play content from legit sources (or non-legit, but local if you like) and you’ll never have to change the player.

Why there always someone asking how to update Kodi, because downloading an installer is really, really a lot of work. It’s not really made for the non-computer nerd. Well for the average non-computer nerd average job it may be a lot of work. So Kodi should learn more about their customer.If you buy sticks with pre-installed things, that’s not Kodi problem. However, it isn’t hard to update Kodi unless your box doesn’t support the new updates. That’s why Leelbox is the best! Just update via play store and it’s easy peasy. Keeps your add-ons the way you want them!How_to_Update-Kodi-image
As who knows more about stream media says, Kodi is a very easy, very convenient, and very free program. If you want to use it and take advantage of it then educate yourself a little bit about it, besides that anybody who wasted their money buying any kind of preloaded Hardware is not smart, you don’t always want the updates for the add-ons sometimes they stop them from working correctly, my suggestion is you should even shut auto update off for your add-ons and go through and update yourself and decide which ones you want. If you want to use Kodi or any other Android device buy it brand new untampered with go on YouTube and learn how to load it yourself that way you can update it yourself and you can use it to its full potential. There are lots and lots of easy to follow step-by-step procedures on how to use Kodi and to get the maximum capabilities that Kodi and the add-ons have to offer. Just learn and enjoy free TV with your own hands. You’ll have a nice day, that’s all.


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