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Today we see together the Android box Q2 Pro, produced by Leelbox, a company specialized in Android Box. Going to their HomePage you will also find many other models of Android Box and WiFi keyboard.
Together with the Android box, we will go to see the keyboard, always Leelbox, available here.


  • The packaging of the Q2 Pro Leelbox presents inside:
         Q2 Pro box Android
    power supply
    HDMI cable
    Remote controller
    User manual
  • Instead of the packaging of the keyboard we find:
    WiFi key (in the back next to the battery)
    Charging cable / OTG

The Android box Q2 Pro presents an operating system updated to version 6.0 Marshmallow, supported by 2GB of Ram DDR3 and 16Gb of internal memory.

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And now to try our Android Box, let’s see how it behaves.
The ignition is very fast, it comes on in just under 15 seconds from the power connection.
To connect the WiFi keyboard later, simply connect the USB stick and turn on the keyboard, it will be recognized in a few seconds.
As soon as we are on, we are in front of this HomePage:


At the top right, we have the classic settings menu of Android, the Play store to install all the apps we want (as if it were a smartphone), the favorite Apps that we can go to add us, the MediaPlayer to play movies, music, and images. Then we find My Apps with all the pre-installed apps and the ones we’re going to install, the classic default Browser, DailyUp and Clean Memory to clean the RAM with just one click.

Going to the settings and scrolling we find Language & input that allows us to set the box in the Language you want.

Going to the My Apps section we find an app called settings box, which allows us to set all the functions of the Box in a step by step way.

Android box

Among the various pre-installed apps, to report the presence of Netflix.

During web browsing, the device is fluid, both by testing with the browser and with Google Chrome installed by the Play store. Even the navigation between the menus is very fluid and does not present any kind of hitch.

The connection via WiFi is not very fast due to the rather low reception of WiFi that with a connection that on average makes 10Mb / s (using the Ookla speed test on Windows Pc) trying with the Box the result was only 5Mb / s, when with another Android Box (very similar features) the result is 7/8 mb / s. Connected via ethernet, of course, the result changes and we have a much more stable and fast connection, as a result of 9mb / s. (The distance from the modem is about 8 meters with a wall in between)

The use with Kodi does not present any kind of problem, the box is always fluid in turning between the various menus and has not given any kind of jamming, from this point of view is one of the best boxes on the market considering the price on 40 €.

Even the keyboard function very well without problems, even if the backlight is missing, which at night helps the display of the keys.


If you are looking for a smooth, stable Android Box with an intuitive menu, the Q2 Pro has all this. But if your modem is far enough away and you do not have a repeater or way to connect via cable, you will need to equip yourself.

All in all a great Box result, excellent for its fluidity and optimization that characterizes Leelbox in all its products.


4 thoughts on “Best choice! Leelbox Q2 pro with WiFi Keyboard

  1. Hello!!

    I have just purchased Leelbox Q2 Pro and its specs says that this device can decode the Dolby Digital Plus (DD+ also know as e-ac3) audio codec (I suppose that this process is done by hardware but I try playing some videos (that have this audio codec) using android native player (my app uses this player) and I can watch image but with no sound. On Sound section in Settings, Surround sound option is set to “Automotive” and Audio Device option is set to “HDMI Bitstream”. I have also tried 3 HDMI cables (with 2 differents TV’s) and I still have problems

    Do I have to configure something else?

    I hope you can help me.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hello, friend. Have you tried other Player, how about MX Player or Yes Player? Sometimes there is something wrong with the add-on you used to play, I suggest you can uninstall then install again. Please let me know if that can help you or not, thanks!

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