Harmful effects of streaming media on minor

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Here we said “Streaming Media” is not aim at all streaming media, I mean that plenty of adult videos in the gray area. This is unfamiliar today when streaming media player has come into usage.  According to the latest report, to protect minors, YouTube deleted over 50,000 channel adsAccording to the latest report, to protect minors, YouTube deleted over 50,000 channel ads.


In less than a year, a large number of advertisers fled YouTube again because they found their ads were targeted with offensive content. And this time directed at children. YouTube’s response shows that the amount of disturbing video for children’s audiences is much larger than before.
YouTube has announced that past week “more than 270 accounts have been terminated and over 150,000 videos were deleted last week.” The company also “closed over 625,000 videos targeting targeted abusers comment”.
Google declared in a statement: “In the past week, we have removed a large number of ads ultimately, involving nearly 2 million videos and over 50,000 channels disguised as family-friendly content.”


So can we still pretend that modern streaming media devices are perfectly suited for adolescent education and healthy growth? We try to find out how to add adult content on our Android tv box, or see adult on terrarium tv, but onething you guys may usually forget that you kids also the user of the tv box. If those content is open and without hiding, they could watch them easily, pornographic and online game violence videos could make a serious impact on their physical and mental health. Please take step from here, something negative influence can avoid if you set a private account on the android tv box or other smart devices in your house. It is easy to set one in the Kodi, while enjoying colorful streaming media tin our amateur life, we must also safeguard the world of minors and contribute to the formation of a healthy sexual concept and growth environment.

If you guys don’t know how to set a private account on Kodi, write below or share with us your suggestion.


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