How to solve Android boxes’ problem

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Streaming TV Box helps us make good use of our tv set, we get plenty of movies, live tv, and other streams on it. But it breakdowns sometimes so we have to find out solutions to fix them.

1. What if my Android box DPMS Mode (Black Screen)
Method 1, restart
After the restart with the relevant application to clean up the system junk cache to see if it is still a black screen.
Method 2, install the software problem
Generally, cause a black screen there is a reason is the software and software conflicts or is not compatible with the system. You can use the TV application steward and other applications: batch uninstalls one by one to install observation, remove the problem.
Method 3, in the REC mode, double clear restart!
First, wipe data/factory reset – clear the data and restore the factory settings

Then wipe cache partition – clear the cache data
Method 4, Brush system, update the firmware, ask customer service for help and give your mac number for them to identify your model. And they will give you a firmware to update.


2. What if there is no signal with my tv box?
If the TV screen does not appear the set-top box to start the image, then just the blue screen and no text prompts, then that is your TV channel settings a problem, please use the TV remote control press the source key or AV / TV button, The TV from the analog TV channel can be converted to video channels. If the TV screen appears to start the image of the set-top box and then prompt “no signal” in the case, this phenomenon proves that your set-top box and the TV between the audio and video lines (red, yellow, white) connection is basically no problem, but the TV radio The input signal cable (note: not the yellow and white) is not connected to the set-top box RF input port, or the TV RF input signal cable is not connected to the terminal box on the wall, or where there are other disconnections in your room.


3. Why the smart tv box cannot support 4K output?
You need to make sure your box stands for 4k and the tv stands for 4K output, so that the box can stand play 4K movie.

4. How to code a keyboard?
First of all, you need to make sure your keyboard insert the receiver into the USB port of the device you want to control and then turn on the keyboard.
second, Pull out USB receiver, then press FN and F1 two keys at the same time for 2-3 seconds, then loose. At this time the light on the keyboard will twinkle, and then plug the USB receiver. When the light is off, it works.




  1. okay i have a king box k3 and it wont turn on but it has A blue light on it i have tried everything i can thing of to get it to turn on and i just cant figure it out so if anyone has a clue how to fix that problem could u let me know

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