Read these before buy a Wireless USB adapter

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The seller always saying their Wireless USB adapter works with any WiFi routers. By using AC600 AC wireless adapter, you can upgrade your PC, laptop or Mac to work with the latest AC WiFi router for faster speed and extended range. I think the below common Q&A should solve some of your doubts.
WiFi adapter
Would theĀ  USB wifi adapter give enough signal for online gaming? starcraft, lol, battlefield?
A: It all depends on what you are paying for with your internet provider. Most single band wifi receivers only pick up 2GHz, this adapter allows you to pick up 5GHz as well (hint dual). Meaning you should hit 90%+ of what you are paying for instead of -50% with the 2GHz. So if you are subscribing to 100 Mbps you would normally get around 50 Mbps (if you’re lucky, most likely less) with 2GHz. But with 5GHz you should hit close to 90 Mbps if not higher. I subscribe to 100 Mbps and on average my Speedtest is usually 115 Mbps, but that’s not because of this device but the internet provider.
Is this compatible with windows 8.1?
A: Yes it is. I’ve been in the IT industry for over 10yrs and this was a true plug and play device that increased my wifi speed and distance issue. I tested it on my Win8.1, Vista, XP desktops and laptops I also ran it on my older and newer Mac systems without issues. I recommend this device for the above reason and the affordability.
Is this WiFi adapter considered longe range?
I have some really good range of it, how far do you need it though? When I’m 30 feet away with 2 walls, I still have 100% signal. It’s better that it’s a larger adapter because it has a better antenna than some of the smaller ones.
If you have a router, but if this attached to my PC, will it improve the signal for my nearby tablet and smartphone?
No, this device is only made to improve the operation of what it is plugged into, however, if your router is not capable of operation at the higher speed you will not see any improvement in whatever a new Kodi is plugged into. If you are having trouble with the connection of other devices in a certain area you might want.
I didn’t have CD slot, is there any way to download the driver software instead?
You can also contact the seller for software on the line. the seller is very kindly, installation link also is very convenient.
If you have more questions, please comment below, let us discuss and resolve them together.

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