The Best Android tv box to use Airplay


There may few people know how to use Airplay on their Android tv box, some even don’t know their android box with an airplay function. So here I want to share my experience with you guys how to use it.

how to use airplay

I have a tv box which’s used about 2 years. It’s very slow when buffering, sometimes lags when playing video. Those issues occurred seem to be hard for the old model tv box. No doubt about it, it’s time to buy a new one instead. For future consideration, I need a tv box that has a more powerful processor, runs apps fast and reliable, plays online video without lag, especially for the live tv channels. After searching and comparing, I chose M9S pro which’s advertised as 2017 top configuration tv box in Leelbox series. Even though it’s not cheap at all, this box doesn’t let me down, fast running apps, use the box like a tablet on a big screen I’m no longer frustrated when watching sports and games due to the long time loading or buffering. Easy setup wizard, follow step by step, ready to use in 3mins. Preloaded apps meet most of your needs for watching movies and worldwide channels.

Also, you can download others from google play. Tubi tv maybe a good choice.i can find many video and music from this apps, although most of them not up to date, HD quality covers for the shortage.

Terrarium TV

There is one thing should be highlighted, easy to launch airplay for ios which’s no need further setup or apps installation for the tv box. This function is amazing, convenient and saves time, (just like a mirror screen for iOS, but it’s under android system) you gonna see what exactly your device displayed on the big screen. When tv box is working, launch the airplay from your iOS devices, you will see a button named “airplay player media center “, simply click it, there you go, “airplay”! Save money, another economic solution instead of Apple TV box. Compare to other android tv box. this one is a little expensive, but it meets the needs of high-end users, for the high requirement and standard to pay a higher price, it makes sense, costly victory just that meaning.

how to use airplay

how to use airplay

how to use airplay


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