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Leelbox would release new Android 7.1 TV Box in no soon. As well know that Leelbox is professional android tv box provider, but the models still remain at Android 6.1, in order to make sure every smart tv box system compatible, engineers develop day and night, it is learned that Android 7.1 will be on the line in the near future.

best Android tv box Leelbox Q3

There are many Android 7.1 set-top boxes currently, it said that they increase in the system compare to Leelbox, but according to a large number of customer response, there are many problems while operating, some plug-ins are not compatible with the system, even shorten some set-top boxes’ life expectancy. Only technically mature, Leelbox will release their new version smart box.

best Android 7.1 tv box m8s max

The following are the tutorial to fix your set-top box and some related firmware for Leelbox Android tv boxes.

Fix Android TV Box

Do you have a broken Android TV box? With Leelbox’s help, you can fix the most common problems. Before you update your box with the software below try our most common fixes for Android TV boxes.

Android Box fix First Method-

  • Go to Main Settings on your Android box
  • Select Other and then go to More Settings
  • Go to Backup And Reset
  • Click Factory Data Reset
  • Click Reset Device, then Erase Everything
  • The Android box will now restart and the TV box will be fixed.

Android box fix Second Method-

All Android boxes have a reset button or pinhole to reset and fix an Android box. you need to locate the reset pin/hole. This is a little pinhole that would be located either on one of the sides or under the bottom of the device. If you cannot find any pinhole or reset button, try looking in the AV port. Some Android boxes have a hidden reset pin hole located at the bottom of the AV port.

  • Locate the reset pin on the Android box
  • Hold the reset button in and power up the device (holding the pin all the time)
  • The Android box will now start in recovery mode
  • Click Wipe Data / Factory Reset (and confirm)
  • Click Reboot System Now
  • The Android box will now be fixed

Android box update

If you need to update an Android box then follow then follows the simple steps below.

  • Locate the software update for your device from one of the below pages
  • Download the firmware update
  • Use the guide or tool on the download page
  • Once complete the Android box update will be completed.

Android Firmware downloads

If you have tried our fixes above and your Android box is still broken, download our custom software update for it. Follow the instructions on the page for the Tv box you have. Android Boxes have different upgrade instructions for different devices. if you are still unable to fix your Android box we have an Android TV box repair service available. We will allow you to send the device to us and we will attempt the upgrade for you.

Firmware for TV Box:

Kingbox K1:


Leelbox S1 (Update 2017/9/8)


Leelbox M9S Pro (S912 Android6.0)


Leelbox MXQ Pro ( Not pure version)


Leelbox M9S 4.4


Leelbox M9S S905 5.1


Leelbox M9S  S812  5.1.1 2+16


Leelbox Mxq pro mini 6.0


See these article:  How to upgrade Leelbox to Android 7.1 via PC.





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