How to Make Money with Leelbox Affiliate Marketing

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Hey guys, if you want to make money make money without any risk, why not join Leelbox Affiliate Program? You see the video show you how to make money online on Youtube, fantasy-rich overnight, but was deceived unfortunately.  Go ahead to check it out.

About Leelbox Company:

LeeIbox is a new yet powerful brand in smart Android TV box industry. In 2015, the brand is established, however, only two years time Leelbox have occupied top 3 in TV BOX field. Their core products are Android TV BOX, Smart Wifi Plug, Car Tools and some useful gadgets for phone and computer. All the products on our website have 45 days money back guarantee and 12-month warranty. Leelbox has their own, technical team, research, and development team to support their operations.

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Affiliate Benefits:

Leelbox SAS affiliate program is very attractive, you can earn a lot from their program. They will in charge of all the customer service and technical support for all orders!

Here you should know:

·Commission rate 10% of confirmed sales

·Cookies duration is 90 days

·$3 bonus on any affiliate that generates its first sale

·Creatives: Latest coupons, deals, text links, banners, etc

·Insight:periodical newsletters

·Datafeed: regularly updated; free to use

·Support: Dedicated affiliate team to answer all your questions

·For excellent affiliates.
Monthly sales reached $ 3,000, commission rate will be increased to 12%, effective next month
Monthly sales reached $ 5,000, commission rate will be increased to 15%, effective next month

Leelbox Products:

Android TV BOX, Smart Wifi Plug, Car Tools and some useful gadgets for phone and computer.

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Marketing Opportunities

You are allowed to promote Leelbox’s products on your own website, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Blog, Instagram, deals or coupon based website etc, but not allow any PPC Campaigns (Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter, etc).

Should you have any problem do not hesitate to comment below, and if you feel like this article, do not forget to like it! Hope you all can earn your money easily and safely!

Check out here:

Leelbox Affiliate Program


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