Update to final release Kodi 17.5, add-on not working anymore?

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According to Kodi announced, new Kodi 17.5 has just been pushed to the servers. However, I have found that since update to final release Kodi 17.5, this add-on not working anymore. Before Kodi 17.5 final update, that’s working perfectly, since update, when I click in nightlies, releases, snapshots, test-builds, I’ve got a popup with an error message. Same issue with all my android devices (Nvidia shield, Asus Zenpad). Luckily I have got support from Kodi, it is an unrelated error, a fix has now been made and it should update in the repo shortly, Kodi v1.0.2 has resolved the trouble.

So everyone can get Kodi 17.5 via  https://kodi.tv/article/kodi-v175-final-another-bunch-fixes It’s also being rolled out to Play Store & Windows Store. Some people asking that when is there going to be a release update of 17.5.1 on google store. No worry, according to Kodi,  it has been released, it just takes time for the Play Store to update for everybody.

But that is the problem with buying preloaded devices, when they update you don’t know what to do. So you might as well do it yourself. It’s not difficult at all. Here Leelbox Pure Android tv box can be the right choice, their tv boxes without preinstalling Kodi krypton, this leaves us more choice to choose the version of Kodi. I have seen that someone asked how to get new Kodi 17.5 on his firestick that already has Kodi 17.4. Apparently, by using downloader to go to kodi.tv/download. Choose android then the ARMV7 32 bit. Once downloaded, choose install. It updates your 17.4 and has no problems with your firestick. There’s also a program called Firestarter which is now called Appstarter and basically can install Kodi on the firestick within the app instead of going around the es explorer route. However, you will need es explorer to put that on but after it’s easy to update Kodi. So use es explorer on the firestick its easy just download it and it will automatically upgrade to a new version.

My friend’s Nvidia Shield auto updates to 17.5 yesterday. Since the update kodi will not open. He had to uninstall kodi and download 17.3 again just to get it to work. So Kodi 17.5 might not play stable than the old version, in order to run your tv box well, I do not very recommend you guys to update it. Some of you guys update to Kodi 17.5 was not so smooth,  check out if you already downgraded to 17.4, or if there have the Play Store? If so just disable auto updates for Kodi then install the fix manually or re-enable when the fix is published and has been given time to disseminate. If you are not having an issue yourself then don’t worry. It seems to be related to a peripheral / joystick issue causing the crash. Once the update is available you should be able to install over the top.

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New versions available here: http://mirrors.kodi.tv/…/kodi-17.5.1-Krypton-armeabi… http://mirrors.kodi.tv/…/kodi-17.5.1-Krypton-arm64-v8a.apk You can use one of the files I linked above or wait for the play Store version to update but that might take a little while. If you  don’t know how to do that. Unfortunately then you’ll need to wait for the update in the Play Store I’m afraid. It should arrive shortly.


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