Buying a TV Box – What You Need to Know  

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Hi guys! Hope you enjoy today’s article, which is about how to judge the advantages and disadvantages of TV box.

First, the Interface!

You should check what kind of interface of your TV.  Generally, it is AV interface, also known as composite video. Another one is HDMI, high significant multimedia interface.

Second, the network environment capacity

TV box, actually is internet TV set-top box. The ability of one tv box access to the network environment is particularly important, it can directly affect the speed of watching video or movies.

Third, the video playback capabilities

Video playback capability is one of the most important performance indicators of tv boxes. The functions of the TV Box, no matter how powerful and rich they are, people use it 90% for watching network video purpose.

Fourth, third-party software compatibility

The most of the tv box are Android system, theoretically can be installed Android software applications, which undoubtedly greatly increased the playability of the box. But the current situation is, some boxes of third-party software compatibility is very bad, the installation software can not run or run a few minutes later there will be flashback, or stop.

Judge by parameter:

1.CPU, quad-core is faster than the two nuclear;
2.Memory, try to choose large memory, 8G and 16G or above.

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