The right way to Keep your Android TV Box

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Many Android TV Box users usually turn off both TV box and TV with remote control directly while using tv box. However, both Android box and your TV set still remain standby state, it means they still not be shut down. Consume electricity, also unsafety. The correct way is to turn off the TV power, then unplug the power adapter of TV box.

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Another should be noticed that you should avoid removing the memory card from the TV box. People who have used smartphones all know their phones do not support “hot swapping”,  TV boxes either. Especially running a large video which occupies a large room of memory, unplug the memory card will damage the box motherboard will lead to system crashes. It is better to launch the video and then pull out the memory card.

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Using the cable to connect the TV box will be better. Although set-top box like Leelbox supports both wireless and Ethernet networking methods, I suggest you guys best to use a wired network connection TV box. To ensure network connected stably.

Do not put your TV box next to the high-power appliances. Especially like hi-fi equipment which runs strong electromagnetic interference, they will disturb WIFI or lead splash screen phenomenon when you watch video.

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Avoid plug TV box cable frequently. Or may lead to poor contact or damage to the interface. Sometimes, dust falls into the port, it could influence box’s operating.


Cleaning up not commonly used software or useless files on TV boxes regularly. useless files will take up system and memory space, slow down the running system, I suggest you guys clean up the TV regularly.


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