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Today I want to show you guys how to build up your Kodi Builds, so now follow me to change your dislike Kodi skin.

Open up your Kodi on your Android TV Box, the first thing you plan to do is change your layout.

Click on Setting:

tv box

Go to Interface Setting:

tv box

It will turn on a box that shows Estouchy on the top, if you don’t want to change this icon, you can click on the left button which leads you to Get more. When you go to get more, there are a lot of different skins all in here, most people will use the Eminence 2.0, you click on it and it is beginning to install. Then if you want to keep this change, you can click Yes. So now you back out you will see the layout, all of your sections now are on the below bottom of your box.

android tv box

If you want to get rid some of them, you can go to Setting, then click on Skin setting, oversee the Home there, you go to Customise home menu, open up you can see all menu.

android box

Pick up Picture for example, if you want to remove it, just move to the left, click yes, Gone. And it will move from your menu.

kodi box

If you want to change your homepage on your background, you could go to the Skin setting again. Click on Background, move your mouse to the left, scrolling down to the Fanart fallback image.

android tv box

So now here you click on it, will come to Browse for image, go to Desktop, and you here can find the picture you want, click on it and come background, you can see it on the homepage. This is just an example, you can choose other picture you like, or set other apps.

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