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Your Car Engine work normal influence your car start in a cold morning? While the car start in cold day, the ECU will adjust the fuel injection quantity according to the intake air temperature and the water temperature signal. At this time, the oil gas can not be fully burned if the engine has not reached the normal working temperature, the oil gas can not be fully burned will be discharged, that why we smell gasoline. When the engine reaches the normal working temperature of 80-90 degrees, the cylinder of oil and gas are fully burned, gasoline smell disappeared. This is normal.

But there could be a big trouble if the engine is dead, you guy may stay in the cold, feeling hurry but can not do anything until the engine is full charge. I hook up one Car Jump Stater, trying to cope with this problem, in order to make sure it is really do good to me, I decide to write the feature of the product as below. Here is the info about the Emergency Car Jump starter:

1. New upgraded high power Car Jump Starter.
2. It can start car with gasoline displacement up to 6.0L and diesel engine up to 2.0L.
3. Your great assistant and must have for everyone!
1. Highest capacity: 18000mAh/44.4Wh.
2. 5V/2A 15V/1A for your choice.
3. Alarm LED lights(red and blue).
4. Hammer in the front, play an important role when emergency escape.
5. You can used as a flashlight , three-function switch-over, emergency rescue, SOS signaling, lighting, when camping, climbing or hiking in evening.
6. High capacity with high power polymer battery is adopted for fast charging.
7. It can support an emergency jump start and entirely replace the included battery for a car startup.
8. Micro USB Cable , meet your multiple needs for phones/laptops charging and completely replaces products similar to mobile power banks. USB 1(Output) is 5V,2.1A, USB 2(Output) is QC 3.0.
9. Over-current protects the device from overload, making it more convenient, safer and more energy-efficient.

Car jump stater

Package Contents:

Superpow N06 Car Jump Starter(Built-in Anti-reverse Protection)

15V/1A Portable Car Charger(DC 3.5*1.35mm,cable length 100cm)

EC5 Battery Clamps

J16.8V Car Charger Converter(DC 5.5*2.1mm, cable length 230mm)

Micro USB Cable

15V/1A Wall Charger (DC 3.5*1.35MM, cable length 100cm)

User Guide&Information Guide and Warrant.


Car jump stater

car jump stater leelbox

My car is sitting in the garage unused and I start it every month or so. The battery is so low it can’t even light up the dashboard lights, but this jump starter has the engine going immediately, just like having a freshly charged battery. I bought an Eveready jump starter before I bought this one. Famous brand name, more expensive, but it wouldn’t do anything at all. The red “Not Ready” light wouldn’t change to green when I hooked it up to the battery and there was no response at all when I turned the ignition key. I read the manual and it said the Eveready jump starter wouldn’t work if the battery was too low! Have already used twice to start my Ford CUV. Far more convenient than the large bulky unit I had previously purchased from CanadianTire. Small enough to fit in your glovebox. Also handy to charge USB devices (phones, tablets) if needed.

For anyone who feels that it doesn’t work. Press and hold the button on the block attached to clamps until it turns green. Then start your vehicle. So I finnaly write it for you guys who need it. Hope you will like it!

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