Free Plex for Kodi available for all users? (Common Q&A on October 2017)

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Recently there was an article that released by Plex, declared that Plex for Kodi available for all users!

It said that You can have the Kodi experience for your big screen, powered by Plex Media Server. The Plex for Kodi add-on is now available for all users. With the customization and fine-tuning of Kodi, and the simplicity of Plex with access on any device, anywhere — you can have the best of both worlds.

But some people are still confused about it. here I sort out some common question and answers for you guys who are Kodi Box lovers.

Kodi boxes

Q: Is it really free? When I try to get to the page, it wants me to get the premium account. Does not make sense since Kodi is already free. Remove the pay account requirement and you may get some people to try it.

A: An update was released yesterday and the Plex for Kodi addon is now free for everyone. Sounds like you just need to update your addon.

Q: I have plex and I have Kodi. What does plex for Kodi actually offer?

A1: Easy answer: Kodi is much more user-friendly/navigable. Kodi can be controlled completely (98% of the time) with your direction keys, your enter key, and your backspace key. For advanced users, this is more user-friendly than using the mouse to point around and click.
For a home library, Plex offers the most features and access (both remote and local) but Kodi offers the best usability. Combined, they are a pretty awesome team.

A2:  Broadly speaking, it’s a Plex app that runs on top of Kodi. It uses Kodi’s player engine for media playback and lets you access Plex servers/libraries. If you use Kodi for other things, you could also exit out of the Plex addon and then use other areas of Kodi – so, a single app for both.

Q: Any chance that I can have the Plex movies or songs from my remote servers directly in the Kodi database and see them together with the “Kodi” movies/songs ?? Or will those 2 databases be separate ??

A: The “Plex for Kodi” addon has nothing to do with accessing Kodi libraries, sorry. It lets you basically run a “Plex app” on top of Kodi and access your Plex content.

Q: Once the plex addon is installed in Kodi, it shows me ‘ no server found’.
Plex, what else can I do ??


A: That Plex account doesn’t have any servers associated with it. To be clear, we don’t provide content to you; you need to install and run the free Plex Media Server on your computer/NAS/NVIDIA SHIELD.…/cat…/200007268-Getting-Started

Q: Does the Plex addon for Kodi integrate with Kodi’s local SQLite database/libraries?
Or is it just like a separate video addon in Kodi ?Also is music supported?

A: The “Plex for Kodi” addon is only about accessing Plex content. You cannot access Kodi content from within the Plex addon. It supports music.

Q: So can we revert to the old lay out? Not digging this new Plex version.

A: There is no “old layout”. This is how the Plex for Kodi addon has looked from the start.

Q:   If I am already running Plex Media Server, this will not benefit me unless I start fresh in Kodi?

A: Not at all. Think of it as a full Plex app that runs on top of Kodi (and so uses Kodi’s playback engine). You can access your Plex libraries using Kodi.

New Add-ons will still be updated, we can not assure that all the problem about Plex can be solved by now, if you have any problems or ideas want to share with us, please comment below, exploring with Leelbox together.


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