How to solve No Audio Device is installed!

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No Audio Device is installed! This not so much a problem sometimes comes to your android tv box, you lost your sound after upgraded the operating system, plugged the AV or HDMI cable into the Android device yet without any audio, checking everything normal, but still without audio output.

Here are solutions for you guys to fix no audio output problem:

Solution 1: Go to control panel and look for device manager, if you don’t have an option that says” sound, video, game controller” than your sound drive might be under other devices. Check both just to make sure, if you see that your driver have a yellow mark on it, uninstall it. Make sure that the delete from computer option is unchecked. After you do this, restart your computer. According to different people, this work and your sound should be back.


2nd solution: Go to control panel and then to device manager, looking for your sound driver, once you find it, right click and press on “update driver software, then press on “search automatically for driver software” After doing so, the driver should update the most recent driver. If your computer says that your driver is up to date, you still have no sound, and you try solution 1, then the next solution might be for you.

Solution 3: For sure works, if you have problems with your SigmaTel HD₁ CODEC driver. Agin goes to control panel and device manager, look for your sound driver and right click on it. Agin press update driver software, instead of automatically updating, you will search it manually. Press on the ” Browser my computer for driver software ” option. Then press on ” Let me pick from…” option.


Once it happens, there should be a list of compatible drivers that work on your computer. Try choosing them one by one, find the one that works well, this worked for me because I downgraded. Apparently, vista had an update for the SigmaTel HD₁ CODEC driver, but the update messed it up, so I went to the first driver option. Now I know I should not update my SigmaTel HD₁ CODEC driver.

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