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Here I want to recommend you guys how to use an Android TV Box. Some people may confuse what is a TV Box, is it a one-time fee or must subscribe per month, actually android tv box not like an IPTV. It is a streaming media player,  support by Network, wifi or internet can connect your tv to the streaming resources center. In a word, you can get plenty of streams once you got a TV set, one set-top box, Network in your house, you guys could enjoy entertainment via going through the streaming world.

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So after plugged the HDMI cable into your TV and the tv box, set up the power adapter, now power on, if the set-top box is a full load device, you can see the Kodi addon already on the home screen, using the remote, click on setting, turn on wifi  and pick up a wifi on the right side, input wifi the password, once done, will show it connects.Or if you are using the internet, just plug your internet into the Lan port of the box, that will be okay.

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Here already set up your android box with the TV, go to the home screen by pressing the menu button, back to setting, scrolling down to the Apps, click on it and pick up Kodi, or TVMC, you will see there are Video, Music, Programs, Setting button on the menu bar, scroll the mouse to Add-ons, enter and install the stuff you like. It is also available to go to Google Player Store to download your favorite apps. If you want to see more TV series or movies, install the media resources for Programs and Movies. Very easy to control, I think it to be better if you purchase along with a keyboard, it could help you more easy to master the tv box, as you know sometimes, the remote may stupid.


The red key for you to shut up the tv if you press it quickly, but this would make you wait a long time to wake it up again, so I suggest you guys could close those apps in operation at first, then go to click on the power off, it will come to a box instruction, now check standby, the tv go sleep right away. So here is the sketch show you how to use android tv box, if you would like to share with us about your set-top box, welcome here.



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