Fix Apps crashing problem on your Set-top Box

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How to solve broken or crashing Add-ons on your Set-top Box? This might be one of the problems that crazy tv lovers. It’s a remarkably bad experience while watching a tv show, suddenly coming frozen screen then it can not go ahead anymore. But did you really know how to fix this abominable thing?

android tv box

All right, now you can go to your setting on the tv box, scrolling down to the Apps, click on it you will see those processing apps that installed, if you want to see app on the SD CARD, you can scroll ON SD CARD,  if you want to check RUNNING, let’s pick up the running column. Set Angry Birds as an example, click on your Angry Birds, the first step you should force it, make sure it doesn’t act this time, and now you can choose to clean cache, this step will not damage the data of the app.

android box

android tv box

What if still froze after did the above step, now you could try to clear data, but it will clear out all of your records. So I suggest you could make a record for some important add-ons on your android devices. In case the same problem occurs. Most of the bad thing is to uninstall the app, but it will release more space for you to reinstall a new one.

android boxes

tv box

Sometimes, Apps will disorder by themselves. But never mind, all the problem all can be solved. The worst, root your android tv box by using a firmware.



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