Amlogic S912 VS S905, which is better?

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Nowadays, many consumers are rational consumers, to decide the product to buy or not, mainly in the performance of the product. So how is the decisive factor of android tv box? The mainly answer is its chip. On the market, the most popular chips currently are S912 and S905.

The following comparison table contains scores for Antutu 6.x, Vellamo 3.x and 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme. Leelbox Old Version Q1 runs Android 5.1 and New Version Leelbox Q1 runs Android 6.0, the result may be different if Old Version gets Android 6.0, likely improve a little bit. It is also possible that the Android 6.0 SDK is not so mature and that the results of Amlogic S912 may also improve over time. Green indicates Amlogic S912 faster.



S905 has four A53 runs 1.536 GHz. S912 has four A53 large nuclear runs 1.536 GHZ plus four A53 small nuclear runs 1.0 GHz frequency, add up to 8 nuclear, running low frequency is for save power and reduce heat, but will not increase performance!


S905 is Mali-450MP while S912 is Mali-T820MP3, in this point, S912 is stronger a little bit.

We have seen the Amlogic S905X slower than the Amlogic S905, but certainly the Amlogic S912 with eight Cortex A53 cores and its “multi-core, high-performance 3D GPU”, the ARM Mali-T820MP3 must dramatically improve performance. The performance difference between the Amlogic S905 and Amlogic S912 is not too much strong, except that the Mali-T820MP3 GPU 3D graphics are used in S912 while the penta-core Mali-450MP is used in the S905, and the performance is up to 1.43 times in the 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme graphics score. The Antutu 3D score is 2.21 times, because Mali-T820MP3 support OpenGL ES 3.1 but Mali-450MP is not.

They are however other advantages of Amlogic S912 over Amlogic S905 TV Boxes including Android 6.0 firmware by default, 4K VP9 hardware decoding, and HDR (High Dynamic Range support). But,  if you do not care about the last three points, just for the price to performance ratio, Amlogic S905 Smart TV Box would be a better choice. Nevertheless, the above comparison is only chip, another important factor to determine the performance of the set-top box is its memory, you should take it into consider when purchasing.


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