Beware! Free charging stations can hack your phone, how to protect?

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Hacker may get access to our computer, so we do a lot to keep them away. But did you ever consider about your phone? When you are shopping outside,  at airport or other public places, unfortunately the Phone battery is low, it is usually easy to connect to the public charging station. However, in an emergency you need your phone, even though you always know that using these facilities is at risk, and your phone may be accessed by phone hackers.


How it is done? Perhaps you already know that the phone USB charging cable can send data, under the situation the charging station is threatened, through the phone charging cable your phone data  can be easily reached to. Hackers build a connection with the charging station and within few minutes they can installed malware directly to your phone. In addition, many modern smart phones can send HDMI signals directly through the USB port for image mirroring, that is, your phone will be manipulated, your information on the phone will be monitored, your confidential information will be leaked.

The most secure way to charge your phone when outside is use your own USB cable and your own USB power adapter, and plug them directly into the wall power outlet. Kaspersky Lab recommends that you do not unlock and use your phone while charging, use the correct encryption as much as possible, and may consider using a safe container. If you have to use public chargers, the following methods can eliminate the risk of being hacked.

  1. Do not use any password or fingerprint identification during charging
  2. Make sure your phone has been updated to the latest operating system and updated all applications so your phone will get the most complete protection.
  3. Not to browse confidential or sensitive information, such as mobile banking or other payment software
  4. If have to have a call while charging, try to set up a restricted to encrypted services like Whats App, Skype etc.

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