How to uninstall Kodi on your Android TV Box?

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Kodi may not work well sometimes, what if it fails to display? Kodi may go well once again if you uninstall and download. So how to uninstall Kodi on your Android TV Box?

Android box

Please check out you HDMI or any other cable all work normally at first, now go to the Setting, you will see regular setting inbox, select Other, so once you are here, you will see more setting, now scroll down and select Apps. Once Apps is launch, let’s scroll down to find Kodi, then you could select it and click on, here it is, scroll over and click on Uninstall, now will occur a box, “Do you want to uninstall this app”, scroll over and check Ok. This step would take few seconds to finish it. Once done, it already unloaded now, so you can go back to the main menu, now you go into My Apps, you will not find Kodi anymore.

Android box


If you want to install Kodi on your Android box again, you can go to tv website to downloading it and placing in a USB, and using you AppsInstaller and install back. Or if not, you can also go to Google Player Store to finish the install.

Android box

Another more easy way it is, if your box bought from Leelbox, you can just make it via the remote to get support, their company website has offered lots of add-ons there.



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