How to fix Exodus Kodi Add-on not work on Smart TV Box

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There may not work if you guess it must be video sources in the Exodus Kodi Add-on on your smart tv box. Since Exodus simply scan the streaming websites loaded into them for an available link, when you are searching an aged TV show or movie, you will get the “No stream available” error if none of these websites have working links to load. Talk shows, old movies, or TV shows that Radio and Television less-popular channels or countries are less favor having working links. So no blaming Kodi add-ons anymore because they are not the ones hosting anything for you.

Try to view situations if Exodus is not working:
1. Kodi is outdated. Exodus is only designed to work with Kodi (15) or later. If you are still using under Kodi 15 on you android tv box, you will not receive any support for Exodus issues.
2. Exodus is outdated. The current version is v2.0.14. Let’s upgrade the newest version.

Uninstalled the old now buddy!

Here show you how to reinstall the latest Exodus:

P70906-170931.jpg                   P70906-171105.jpg

  • Steps to download Exodus for Kodi

1. Open the Kodi software after you downloaded it, or check directly if it was already preloaded. Move the mouse to the main menu of System, choose the option File Manager.
2. Come out a list of options. Select the option among them to Add source.
3. You will get a dialogue box. Inside the box, highlight the <None> option. The text will disappear, and there will be blinking cursor for Exodus Kodi
4. Inside the dialog boxes enter the web address as it is and click on Done.
5. Just click on the box given below inside the same box. In “Enter the name for this media source”, type the name fusion or any corresponding name and click on OK.
6. Switch back to Home Screen of the Kodi Software.
7. Click on System, you will get a list of choices. Select the option among them to Add source.
8.Maybe 5-6 options will occur once time, from them, choose the option ‘Install from zip file’.
9. Select the option name fusion or any other name that you previously gave as the name of the media source. Then select the option ‘xbmc-repos’ folder. Then select ‘english’ folder.
10.The next set of options are some zip files, among them select the zip file with name ‘’. There will be a few mins to wait for the notification ‘Add-on enabled’.
11.When you get the notification, you are all ready to install Exodus on Kodi.
12. Select the option ‘Install from repository’. From the options displayed, select the Exodus repository.
13. Select the ‘Video add-ons’ option inside that.
14. Click on the ‘Exodus’ option. Then choose the option ‘Install’. Again wait for the ‘Add-on enabled’ notification. Now you have your Exodus Addon running on your Kodi software! Take it to your leisure.

Or you have checked out that the movie, tv show or other streams you found it is a common one, however people could get it easily, but you are not allowed. Try to reinstall Kodi from fresh with no add-ons. One should be noticed as there are many different Kodi boxes, KDplayer builds and etc nowadays, the Exodus stream problem may not be solved by replacing fresh Kodi with no add-ons.

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