Is this set-top box the same as Roku?

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Every barber knows that Roku stream player gets streaming via a electrical wire or wireless connection to an Internet router. Audio cable,video cable, or HDMI cable all support this set top box to output data. With suitable input connections, the Roku can be connected to any kinds of video displayer. But, buddy, a bit costly I guess so. Please out of your dilemma, this Android TV Box the same as Roku yet can save you lot of money!


Yup, the technology changes our life so quickly. Not only a tv box, also a music center, a game station, even a wifi router! Kingbox K3 smart tv box comes with a mini keypad as well, it will make you feel like a BlackBerry, you guys surely know that means you can do quite a lot on it. Additionally Kodi allows you to install third-party plugins that may provide access to content that is freely available on the official content provider website. The visual elements of the device are directly pulled from the svg, so the color was not changed.


If you guys worry the mini keyboard can be used wirelessly or not. No problem, matey,  it is wireless also comes with micro usb cable for charging. I have own three pics of wireless keyboards, they can work well for me at 15-20 feet.


In a word, excellent quality and reasonable price can be the best reason to get hooked up with this android tv box. Let alone it allows me to get it with a coupon!

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