Kodi 17.4 has now been released with some performance and some bugs fixes

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Kodi 17.4 has now been released with some performance and some bugs fixes.Ideally I don’t specifically recommend you to update now, because you wait to this fully released, what it’s just a release candidate but it still could be errors of it, and it there still be changing things. You can have a look if you wanna play and if you enjoy this sort of technology and want to move on it’s also an option.

The Kodi 17.4 fixes, changes and improvements adds new Kodi add-on packages, and the multimedia center software brings with it several performance improvements, too.

Fixes done in this release:
Potentially fix crashing on Windows due to an issue in Python
Potentially fix crashing on Windows when enabling zeroconf
Fix sporadic crash on Windows when installing or updating add-ons
Fix issue for users with reverse proxies attempting to forward websockets.
Fix possible issue if Linux distro uses system ffmpeg and cause black screen with 10-bit H.265
Properly throttle scraping music information online to prevent overloading the provider
Fix native keyboard on iOS 11
Fix potential crash on Android O loading App icons
Fix non showing Kodi banner on Android O
Fix potential crash on Android with certain keymaps
Fix wrong detection of VP6 and VP8 videocodec on Android
Update FFmpeg to 3.1.9
Set hard requirement to use FFmpeg 3.1.x only
Fix for Hangup when viewing recording and pressing next/previous
Fix merged scraped album type and label correctly with that derived from tags from music files
Fix possible crash on Linux when using ALSA
Save skin settings immediately after they have changed instead of only on shutdown

It is easy to update your Android TV Box, go to the Google play to download the new version. Two ways to install the new version Kodi 17.4. If you have already installed Kodi, you will see the update icon on that page, just click to made a update. Or you can uninstall the original one in your box and install the new now, depending on you.

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