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Common Q&A about keyboard,popular Android player

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How to do a code matching on your keyboard?

Most of people know electronic products, some game enthusiasts love Android devices with high running memory.Here are something we should know when using android player like Wireless keyboard.

So how to use your keyboard correctly?

For this issue, you need to make sure plug the Keyboard USB receiver into your device, and then turn on the keyboard.

Second, pull out USB receiver, then press FN and F1 two keys at the same time for 2-3 seconds, then loose. At this time the light on the Wi-Fi keyboard will twinkle, and then plug the USB receiver. When the light is off, it works.

Question about Keyboard language settings?

Please follow the steps described in the pictures.Take out the USB plug,insert into your Smart TV Box.

Enter into Keyboard layouts

Choose your Language

Now it done



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