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HDMI to VGA Adapter Converter for Laptop, PC, Tablet, Digital Camera

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My friend is a teacher, she told me that she wanted to start using an Apple TV in her classroom to go wirelessly when she is using her projector. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize her projector didn’t have HDMI. I recommended she bought this HDMI to VGA Adapter ConverterTotally by her comment, easy to hook up to get going! It works just like it’s supposed to without a headache!

This small stuff only 5.5 x 3.6 x 2 inches, even its weight just 9.6 ounces, but it contains a powerful function. One DC IN, one USB DATA port, Audio in for you to contact your device and the Leebox VGA adapter,so that you output the video sound.

Specially designed for TV Sticks, This active HDMI to VGA adapter could connect HDMI compatible device to vga compatible monitor, projector, TV. Please use HDMI 1.4 version cable within 26ft to ensure high performance of this TV stick adapter.

Lightning to VGA with Audio in and out, lightning to HDMI, USB to VGA HDMI Audio, cast any pictures, videos, games, and audio from your smartphone tablet and laptop to HDTV, monitor or projector with a big screen. That’s no doubt that some people said it works like a charm. 

How to play this Audio VGA adapter?

Here I just show you the easiest way to master this mini stuff. Connect your mobile phone with your Android TV. If your VGA adapter has power exhausted, charge it, then plug in the HDMI cable which have to connect your stick TV. Remember use the USB cable connects this VGA adapter and your device. In order to output the video media, Audio in is for you to plug in the multimedia cable, another plug is to insert your mobile phone. See the following picture.

It will appear on this screen.

When you plug in the USB cable, will occur this directive, check the right one to make sure you want to contact it with your mobile phone.

Now here:

Yes, you see the screen on your tv, playing music, movies, TV shows, and etc. Not just a small projectors, but can make a home theater. Not only use in a classroom if you are a teacher, can be sent as a teacher gift if you are a student. Actually, this is just one of the function of VGA adapter, further discussion cannot describe its advantages. Check it to hook your Xbox to your monitor!

Features of this VGA adapter:

Download EZcast, it is available for all Android 5.0 Smartphone

Compatible with IOS 8 and Android 5.0

1080P HD playback, color realistic

Carrying conveniently

iPhone/Android phone converter to HD/VGA to connect to TV, Monitor, Projector, Speaker, etc…

Charging while watching

Supports IOS 8 & above, Android 5 & above using Lightning, Micro USB and USB cables

Firmware is upgradable to support OS updates


OS and OS-version / release: Linux

CPU-version / Processor: AM8252w

CPU speed (MHz): 600MHZ

RAM (MB):DDR3 128MByte

internal Flash (MB): SLC 128MByte

max. resolution: AM8252W(1920*1080_60P)


RF / Antenne: External/on board

Video-formats: avi, .divx, .mkv, .ts, .dat, .vob, .mpg, .mpeg, .mov, .mp4, .rm, .rmvb, .wmv

Picture-formats: JPEG, BMP

Audio-formats: MP1/MP2,/MP3, WMA, OGG, ADPCM-WAV, PCM-WAV, AAC

Voice Record: .mp3, .wav

File-formats: dobe PDF, MS Word, Ms Excel, Ms Powerpoint, I works

Bluetooth: N/A

Package including:

1 x S8pro converter

1 x Micro USB cable

1 x Audio cable

1 x User Guide

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