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leelbox wireless mini keyboardleelbox wireless mini keyboardLeelbox Wireless Mini Keyboard

This Wireless Mini Keyboard deserves 5 stars, it will make your Android TV Box complete. Cool black color with good hand feeling, specific remote control, and touchpad function handheld, supporting links to multiple devices like Android TV Box, Smart TV, PC/Laptop, PS3/BOX360, HTPC etc. It is very portable and includes a lithium rechargeable battery. On top of the micro keyboard, it is the charging port and on/off switches. Using the included Bluetooth dongle, plug it into Android TV Box or smart TV, the mouse will react immediately and you got instant access to full functionality.


As the picture shown, Leelbox wireless mini keyboard had a very glossy design with all the letters clearly marked on the rubber keys. Except for the general letter keys, there are some extra keys, it is very good and user-friendly. The extra keys were: Volume Keys, Fast Forward and Rewind, Pause/Play, Mute, Emails, Search, Home, and the left and right click buttons. All the buttons are easy to press and react quickly.

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The main feature of the keyboard
Support: wireless
Types: handheld and portable types
Touchpad: two mouse keys, the key for email and player. It is very humanization design

Powering ways:
Low voltage of battery: the light flashes to warn you
Power supply: coming with a lithium battery which is rechargeable with USB cable

Appendix technical parameters specification:
Operational range: up to 10 meters
Transmit power: +5db Max
Operation voltage: 3.3v
Operation current: <50Ma
Charging current: <300mA
Sleep current:<1Ma
Computer system requirements: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows CE, Windows 7 Linux(Debian-3.1, Redhat-9.0 Ubuntu-8.10 Fedora-7.0 tested),Vista, XBOX360/PS3 etc., Mobile phone(only using through Bluetooth), Android/Google/Smart TV Box, HTPC/ IPTV.
Other feature: great entertainments for you.

m9s pro android tv boxmicro keyboard03I am testing this micro Keyboard with Leelbox M9S Pro Android TV Box. It is US$14.99 dollar with discount code T8H3FJU6 you can get 5% off. Compared with other keyboards for android tv box, this one may not be the cheapest, but its quality is worth that price.

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