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AllHD TV Antenna
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Hello, welcome to Leelbox again! Today we will review HD TV Antenna.

Leelbox HD TV Antenna

What’s this for? Why we use it? The answer is easy: save money and enrich your spare time. With TV Antenna, you never need to pay huge expensive cable or satellite fees again yet can easily get access to free HD popular channels like ABC, NBC, local news, sports and kids educational programs etc. Now let’s have a look at this amazing Indoor TV Antenna.Leelbox HD TV Antenna

It is not a large antenna with size about 13.4*12.7*1 inches, very thin which can save a lot of spaces at home. There are two colors available, black and white. Personally, I perfect the white one! Leelbox TV Antenna is supporting 4K Full HD with new version amplifier for high reception and 16.5ft coaxial cable. Though most of the channels are local TV stations, it is enough to be daily entertainment. When I was testing, I could found more than 90 channels in my living room. It has a range of about 60 miles. Not all channel has the same image quality, it is depending on which channel you are watching and the strength of the channel signal. It is stable and, so far, no intermittent signal has occurred. As long as the signal source is 4K and the TV is 4K compatible, you can watch 4K programs.

Anyone can easily connect the antenna to the TV. Only 3 steps, you can make it. First, place the antenna in an area with good reception. You can stick it on the window, lay flat on a table or stick on the wall, place it horizontally or vertically. However, for better receiving signal, we strongly recommend you to stick it on the window. Second, connect the antenna directly to HDTVs with HD tunners or through a set-top box for TVs without HD tuners. Third, scan for channels and access all your favorite local and national programming completely for free. When the signal is low, you can adjust the antenna or rotate it towards television station.

All in all, this 60-mile range TV Antenna will surprise you! How’s your TV Antenna? If yours is not good or you still not have one, why not have a try of this one? For other Android TV Box product, welcome you to visit our website. See you next time!Leelbox HD TV AntennaLeelbox HD TV AntennaQQ截图20170816152719QQ截图20170816152628

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